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Happy paperback and ebook publication to Robert Dinsdale for his amazingly beautiful book PARIS BY STARLIGHT . I was lucky to get a hard back copy of this stunning book to red and review. A book fit to grace any book shelf of those who love magic and mystery.


Every city has its own magic…

Every night on their long journey to Paris from their troubled homeland, Levon’s grandmother has read to them from a very special book. Called The Nocturne, it is a book full of fairy stories and the heroic adventures of their people who generations before chose to live by starlight.
And with every story that Levon’s grandmother tells them in their new home, the desire to live as their ancestors did grows. And that is when the magic begins…
Nobody can explain why nocturnal water dogs start appearing at the heels of every citizen of Paris-by-Starlight like the loyal retainers they once were. There are suddenly night finches in the skies and the city is transforming: the Eiffel Tower lit up by strange ethereal flowers that drink in the light of the moon.
But not everyone in Paris is won over by the spectacle of Paris-by-Starlight. There are always those that fear the other, the unexplained, the strangers in our midst. How long can the magic of night rub up against the ordinariness of day? How long can two worlds occupy the same streets and squares before there is an outright war?

Beautifully captures the hazy dissonance of storytelling and invention.’ GUARDIAN

‘A spellbinding tale of nocturnal life and magic in the streets of Paris tells of the courage it takes to be different and follow your dreams.’ WATERSTONES


Paris is a wonderful place to spend the day from its museums to its architecture , its characters and its food. Yet Paris by night takes on a whole new life and world to the denizens that call it home. Tales of mystery and wonder are spoken amongst the night hours and the more they are spoken of the more they seem to come to life. Add two people who are trying to find their place in the world Isabelle and Levon and it takes on a romantic flavour. The magic that Levon’s grandmother weaves at night in their rooftop garden grows and enchants those who see. Soon the magic starts to show up in more places as the flowers and lights thrive on those who hear its story and pass on the wonderment.

A magical journey that turns a bustling city into a fantastic mythical world to those who enter its enchantment. The description of the magical flowers and the lights put me in mind of the special effects seen in AVATAR . As I fell in love with the wonder of the words i could picture all the magic in colour which brought it to life in my mind. The sense of needing to belong , to find themselves as in the case of both main characters added a sense of realism to the fairytale feel of the book. I was transported into the pages of the book the more i read and felt torn from its grasp on me when i had to put it aside. A wonderful, enchanting magical book they will transport you for a few hours to a realm full of wonder, hope, joy and love.

My thanks to Isabelle Ralphs at Del Rey books for my copy of the book, as always they are my thoughts and opinions on the book.