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So often it’s the forgotten who possess the power to change the world.”


When an attempt is made on the life of Ashara, Keeper of Yurr, his young, hapless advisor Edvar must uncover and stop those behind it. With enemies in the capital city and the belligerent Tesh, Keeper of neighbouring kingdom Karrabar stirring trouble in the Borderlands, can Edvar hold together Ashara’s brittle reign?

The troubles ripple throughout Yurr, affecting an ancient race of people known as the Amast, who in their time of utmost need, turn to pariah Isy for salvation. Rejected by society, kith and kin, can Isy guide the Amast to safety during the greatest turmoil Yurr has known since the War of the Damned?

An epic underdog’s story, Pariah’s Lament delivers action, adventure, romance and original fantasy. Fans of Joe Abercrombie and George RR Martin will appreciate the gritty realism and vivid battle scenes of Pariah’s Lament, yet at times it possesses a humorous touch akin to the works of James Barclay and Nicholas Eames. 

And for those who adore the charismatic characters of Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss, you’ll find a cast that will whisk you away on a journey of discovery, intrigue, friendship and love.


Isy is a young woman shunned by her community for having a birthmark on her face . To escape her woes she reads, disappearing to her quiet place she finds solace in the pages that transport her to other times and worlds. Her solace is broken by a frightening encounter and one that will see her set out on a journey that will change her whole world. As Isy is starting her story we great to meet Edvar a young man charged with keeping Ashara Keeper of Yurr safe from the troubles that’s are rumbling within the walls of their city. A series of events will see both of them thrown together on a quest to save not only themselves but those they have befriended on the way.

An intriguing tale of love, loneliness, friendship ,hardships and woe that will find us swept up in the lives of a variety of people and creatures striving to survive. The book contains various threads that weave together to bring to life a brilliant canvas of exotic sounding creatures, mystical worlds and adventures by the page full. I am always amazed by authors who create fantasy because they must have the most brilliant imagination to come up with such astounding places and then fill them with wonderful characters. This is a great read that will keep you spellbound as you traverse the world alongside Isy and Edvar.

My thanks to Anne Cater for having me on the tour , as always they are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.


Richie Billing writes fantasy fiction, historical fiction and stories of a darker nature. His short fiction has been published by, amongst others, Kzine, TANSTAAFL Press, Bewildering Stories, Liquid Imagination, The Magazine of History & Fiction, Aether and Ichor, and Far Horizons. 


He co-hosts the podcast The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed, a venture inspired by the requests of readers of his acclaimed book, A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook. Most nights you can find him up into the early hours scribbling away or watching the NBA. Find out more at www.richiebilling.com.

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