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When Matt Armstrong learns that his sister has been murdered, he returns to his family to find out what happened. Visiting the place where their sister’s corpse was found, Matt struggles to uncover any information. But when he learns that a camera might have been used to record the killing, he becomes a man on a mission.

Helped by his ex-girlfriend, Lisa, he follows a trail of clues until the investigation grinds to a halt. On the verge of giving up, an anonymous tip is thrown his way which blows the mystery wide open.

Can Matt solve the murder and get justice?

He’s about to find out.

Jake Cross is also the author of the explosive crime thrillers Betrayed and Hide. Untraceable a a pulsating thriller which will appeal to fans of authors like Harlan Coben, Michael Connelly and Matt Brolly.


When you run from all you know , you move from place to place never settling for long it can be a lonely existence. One that Matt has endured for years, running to escape his past and the life he knew. That is all about to change when he gets a text message that sees him pulled back to his past. His sister is dead, murdered and left for all to see so its up to Matt to find out the who and why. What he discovers is a web of lies, deceit and countless other life’s shattered by the ones behind the death of his sister. Teaming up with his ex girlfriend and an old army buddy he sets out on a quest for truth and justice.One rung of the ladder at a time he climbs from the bottom feeders up to the top to find the king pin responsible for his sisters death. A fast paced thriller that rockets along with you caught in its jet stream. It’s a tension packed read that will keep you rooting the good guys on to see if they get the results they are looking for.

My thanks to Bloodhound books for my copy of the book, as always these are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.



Jake lives in England and is the author of the standalone thrillers The Family Lie and The Choice, which hit the top 5 in Australia and was a bestseller in the UK and Canada. He’s on Twitter as @JakeCrossAuthor, if you want to say hello.