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He just spent everything on a house in disrepair, but he didn’tknow someone was waiting inside.

Tim Russell just put his last dollar on a handyman’s dream; a quaint but dilapidated farmhouse in New Hampshire. Newly single after a messy divorce, his plan is to live in the house as he restores it for resale. To his horror, as soon as the papers are signed and his work starts, ghosts begin to appear. A bone-white little boy. A woman covered in flies. Tim can’t afford to leave and lose it all, so he turns to his real estate agent Holly Burns to help him decide whether he has any shot at solving his haunted problem. Can they solve the mystery before he loses his investment…or maybe his life?


Boy oh boy if its supernatural haunted house thriller you are looking for then this book is what you need right now. While it uses the familiar plot line of a haunted house in the middle of nowhere it twists it about and adds depth and character to what could have just been a generic horror story. It’s pages are brimming with suspense, they tease you with glimpses of the unknown that you don’t want to believe is true. The way it builds up the layers of the plot line keep you intrigued and engaged. There is nothing as wicked and vindictive as a woman scorned and left behind. She is the main vicious, horrific entity that haunts the house and its up to the new owner Tim to get to reasons behind her being there. Unluckily for him there are more trapped spirits in the house that like the woman just cant or wont stay dead. As the malevolence grows throughout the book you are bound to the pages to discover what will happen to Tim. Will he win, will he save his house and more importantly will he survive the ghosts wrath. Read the book and discover for yourself the lives and deaths of those involved.

My thanks to Emma Welton for my copy of the book, as always they are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.



Michael Clark was raised in New Hampshire and lived in the house The Patience of a Dead Man is based on. The bats of the barn really circled the rafters all day and there actually was a man-made grove hidden in the forest. He now lives in Massachusetts with his wife Josi and his dog Bubba.

The Patience of a Dead Man is his first novel. Dead Woman Scorned is his second. More to come.

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