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Sixty-eight dead and nearly 300 injured in a hostile vehicle and bomb attack on a community festival in Birmingham, the country is in shock.

Battling the mental turmoil of the aftermath, Alex, a former Army communications specialist, stumbles across the UK Terror Watch List – he cannot resist the challenge of stealing the list from under the nose of his contract supervisor, Lucy Butler, a razor sharp and headstrong Intelligence Corps corporal with big ambitions.

Wrestling with his conscience and the ethics of tackling unconvicted suspects, Alex enlists the help of famed former UK Special Forces Warrant Officer, Craig Medhurst. Alex struggles to win the respect of Craig’s core team, but together they hatch a daring plan to act on their selected targets.

Can Alex use his charm to persuade Corporal Butler to join them?


If you need a read that is fast paced, action packed and tech filled then this is one for you. If follows the premise of WHAT IF , what if you had a watch list contains the names of terrorists that the police can only watch and monitor not arrest. What if you had the means to pass on the list and the connections to take action . What if you could potentially stop a terrorist before he detonates a bomb or ploughs a truck through a crowd. What would you do ? Well our main character has the potential to do all this when he accidentally uncovers such a list. The book follows his journey as he struggles to firstly understand exactly what he has to then what he does with it. Using his knowledge of technology and his connections with ex service personnel he brings together a plan . A plan to take on a percentage of the names and prevent them from carrying out any attacks. A plan not without faults or hitches but one that all involved feel is needed to protect the public. Sacrifice a few in order to save the many is how they approach the job in hand. Will the plan succeed ,will the sacrifices they make for the many make the job worthwhile ? you will have to read it to find out .A thought provoking read that will have you asking yourself what would you do if you were in Alex shoes. A thrilling page turner that will have you hooked from the start.

Thanks to Emma Welton for my copy of the book, as always they are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.



Joseph Mitcham served with the British military in elite and technical units for over 16 years. His service not only gave him a thorough tactical and technical understanding of some of techniques and processes employed in his first novel, it also provided him with the opportunity to develop himself, earning a first class honours degree in business leadership by the end of his service.

The inspiration for writing ‘The Watch List’ was taken from personal experiences from the roles that he has served in and characteristics from some of the people that he has served with. Joseph has written an incredible, yet compellingly credible story that plays out in our world as he sees it today.

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