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He made a mistake, and for the sake of his career investigative TV reporter Konrad Neale is forced to apologise, in person, to Ella Fitzwilliam.

Detained under section in a secure forensic unit, she doesn’t foresee a bright future. And she despises Konrad for exploiting her and exaggerating the truth about what she really did.

All in the name of journalism.

However, when he spots famous recluse Abigail Nithercott in the same mental health facility, he cannot resist the chance to scoop the next big story. But he must use Ella to uncover the dark secret of the Nithercott family.

Deceit is in their blood.

Thicker than water, it spills…


This book took me a couple of chapters to settle into in order to get a feel for the characters and their role in the story. Once i was involved in the book i settled into a nice easy reading pace. A pace that let me grasp things as they happened and make sense of where the story was leading me. Where did it lead me? On a road to the truth , the truth behind the facade of the Nithercott family. What secrets do the family hide and what are the ramifications for others if those secrets see the light of day. It’s up to our heroine of the day Ella with the help of her friends to dig deep and uncover all the facts. Facts that have seen murder committed and lives blighted by distrust and deceit. Facts that once revealed will have a devastating effect on the family name. As Ella gets closer to the truth and the layers of lies are unfolded events take a deadly turn. More lives are devastated by the Nithercotts as one of the bloodline Abigail sinks deeper into the mire of mental derangement. As her actions become more unstable and extreme it could be that Ella will lose and the bloodline will thrive on the ruins of her life. An enjoyably satisfying read that takes you into the the dark depths of a twisted mind. A mind that sees only their truth and will stop at nothing to achieve it, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction.

My thanks to Sarah Hardy and BOTBS publicity for my copy of the book, as always they are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.



Alison Morgan: A former mental health nurse, country bumpkin at heart, married to a hairy biker, fascinated by words, loves live music and she has an innate ability to make people smile and laugh. 

Her crime thrillers have a strong cast of characters helping to define the style and pace of each story inspired by her life and career as a Psychiatric Nurse, and her fascination with the extremes of human behaviour.

AB Morgan is the critically acclaimed author of A Justifiable Madness, Divine Poison, The Camera Lies and Stench.


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