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Join the deadly journey of cocaine, from farmer to kingpin.

Meet Maria. Maria doesn’t see herself as a criminal. She’s just a farmhand picking the crops that never lose money: coca.

This is Cachote. He prays to the Virgin of the Assassins that his bullets find their target. If he misses, he’ll have to answer to the cartel who pay him to take out their enemies.

Pedro works the coca labs. But this laboratory is hidden deep in the jungle, and he turns coca leaves into coca paste, a step just short of cocaine.

And finally, here is Alex. Alex is a drug-lord and decides where the drug goes next: into Europe or the US. And he wields the power of life and death over everyone around him.

Following one brick of cocaine from Colombia’s jungles to the Pacific Ocean as it races to join global underworld economy, Kilo is an unprecedented journey to the violent heart of the cocaine industry. On the way we will meet drug lords, contract killers, drug mules, cartel witches, as well as the Colombian police and US Coast Guard who are desperately trying to stop the kilo reach the consumers in the world’s richest countries.

Toby Muse has been on the ground in the drug war for over a decade, earning the trust of those involved on all sides. Telling the human stories of how the world’s second most popular drug gets from the Colombian jungle to the London street corner, Kilo is a devastating account of a multi-billion-pound business whose influence reaches across the world.


Compulsive reading is how i would describe this book. I wanted to know more and more as i went page by page. I followed the story of the Kilo of cocaine with immense interest. The writing encapsulates all the fear, hope, distrust, heartache involved with the growing and distribution of cocaine. From its humble roots literally in the fields of Columbia to its final destination on the worlds streets. The struggle that men go through to grow and deliver the goods. The blood that’s spilt to ensure not only its growth but arrival too. It’s a bloodline drenched by years of not only blood but the sweat and tears of all involved. There is despair too that follows the drug that the author channels in the book. Despair of the farmers who want to make a living in bloody times. Despair of the people in the Medellin who can see no way out of their life. Despair of the people tasked with destroying the drug and stopping it being exported/imported. The despair the drug brings to the users whose lives it blights in the brightest cities of the world. You would think this would make the book bleak but there is a tiny thread of hope too. Hope from all those involved that one day things will be different and lives will be better and cocaine will no longer be king.

My thanks to Emma Welton for my copy of the book , as always they are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.



Toby Muse is a British-American writer, television reporter, documentary filmmaker and foreign correspondent. He has reported from the front lines of the conflicts in Colombia, Iraq and Syria. He has embedded with soldiers, rebels and drug cartels, producing exclusive reports from cocaine laboratories and guerrilla jungle camps. He lived in Bogota, Colombia for more than fifteen years, reporting across South America and the endless drug war.

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