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Today I am so excited to be part of the cover reveal for the upcoming book by Katerina Diamond the author of the best selling DI Imogen Grey series. a standalone psychological thriller called The Heatwave. The book is due for release on June 25th  2020 and I for one cannot wait to dive in.


One summer. One stranger. One killer…
Two bad things happened that summer:
A stranger arrived. And the first girl disappeared.

In the wake of the crime that rocked her hometown, Felicity fled, knowing more than she let on.

But sixteen years later, her new life is shattered by the news that a second girl has gone missing in Sidmouth.

Now Felicity must go home, to face the truth about what happened all those years ago.

Only she holds the answers – and they’re more shocking than anyone could imagine.

The heatwave is back. And so is the killer



“CAN YOU SURVIVE THE HEATWAVE ??????????????????? “


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Tales of Mystery Unexplained….What happened to Elisa Lam, found dead in a water tower atop a hotel roof? Who were the two men who came to see her & what was in the mystery box they gave her? Why did the location of her gravestone match the zip code of a Bookstore, miles away?


Why was a man found in the same spot he disappeared, but 4 years later, with a hole in his head that no surgeons could explain? And what did this have to do with a séance, doppelgangers & the assassination of Abraham Lincoln? Why did a man write the Fibonacci sequence as a clue & tell a stranger he was “Looking for the Beast,” before he disappeared in the barren plains of a desert? Plus many more Tales of Mystery Unexplained.


Steph Young has appeared on national radio shows & podcasts including the UK’s The Unexplained, and Coast to Coast Am, talking about many of these mysteries.


You can also hear some of these Unexplained Mysteries on her podcast on iTunes ‘Tales of Mystery Unexplained











Todays book review is for something I rarely read but it sounded to good to  miss up the chance to read and review it.

Do you love a good mystery, do you want stories that chill the blood, that cannot be truly explained. Then step through the pages of this book and be welcomed into the twilight zone of the unexplainable. The book looks at various stories and dissects them into chunks leading you through the facts and  the thoughts of those involved. From haunted hotels to alien abduction no subject is off limits. This allows  the author to cater to a number of audience’s who love the unexplained. A perfect change from fiction yet can it even be in some cases fiction. That’s up to the reader to decide as they walk the pages of all the wonderful enticing mysteries laid bare. Decide for yourself what is true, what is not and what cannot be explained away in a rational manner. A thought provoking, enjoyable escape , that will keep you not only engaged but guessing all the way through.

My thanks to Anne Cater for my copy of the book, as always these are my own thought’s and opinions of the book.








Steph Young has been a guest on National Radio shows including ‘Coast to Coast AM,’ as well as many more… Steph’s Podcast on itunes; “Tales of Mystery Unexplained” discussing Creepy Mysteries of the Unexplained website:

Stephyoungauthor.com Twitter

@StephYoungAuth Instagram


Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tales-Mystery-Unexplained-Podcast/dp/1670675947


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It’s bad enough you’re from a family of rich bankers, without having to deal with secret genetic engineering factories in the Dakotas.

Especially when you wake up one morning after a tab of E and find you’re thinking in Hebrew.

Follow the adventures of the Vanpyre family as they wrestle with the Dark Side of money and power.


A book made up of many layers and threads that you have to concentrate on so as to not lose the flow of the story. There are many species at play and various factions working against each other to see their aims out. The use of letters and words together make for a fun read in parts when you sound out in your head the words you are reading in front of you. I know i giggled quite a few times at how the author had thrown in some play on words. It’s a twisty in a way that you may lose the thread of the bit you are reading if you get distracted. If uses a premise of what if the fairy tales we read as children are based in fact not fiction. What if vampires are real, what if alien creatures exist. What if there is a company out there using genetics to create otherworldly creatures. In a world of seemingly endless wealth and power there are people who want to do just that. Follow the Vamprye children as they use their skills to turn the family they know on its head.

My thanks to Emma for my copy of the book , as always they are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.



Originally from the North Yorkshire coast in England, Clare Blanchard spent half her lifetime in Czechia in Central Europe, where her books are mainly set. Inspired by noir fiction, her settings are often like another character in the plot. She writes crime mysteries and dark urban fantasy with a historical twist.


Clare loves beautiful landscapes and architecture, cross-country skiing, the wine of South Moravia, and of course Czech beer. When she’s not being literary she knits funky socks.



Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBcrime

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClareBlanchardBooks/

Website: www.clareblanchard.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clareblanchardbooks/



Purchase Links:

Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/book/426442524/The-Gene-Wizards-Wizards-series-3

Nook: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-gene-wizards-clare-blanchard/1133643807

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/the-gene-wizards


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Danger awaits Marine-turned-lawyer Jake Wolfe on his vacation to sunny San Diego and Cabo San Lucas. There he finds sugary white sand beaches, warm turquoise water, boat trips among gray whales, and … cold blooded murder.


It was meant to be a relaxing holiday for Jake and his adopted war dog, Cody, but violence erupts when he crosses paths with a criminal cartel urgently seeking to reclaim a deadly package.


Jake learns the missing item is a threat to US citizens and vows to stop the cartel from possessing it, no matter what vigilante justice actions he might have to take.


Time is running out and thousands of innocent lives are at risk. Will the two combat veterans be able to retrieve the dangerous item before the killers do? The clock is ticking, but Jake hopes that if anybody can help find the package, it has to be his highly-trained and ultra-intelligent dog, Cody.


Find out what happens next. Start reading the latest Jake and Cody thriller right now and enjoy another fast-paced stand-alone story by author Mark Nolan.



Take a man and his dog make them both armed forces veterans and throw them into cases that not everyone is able to not only solve or become involved with. If you add in drug cartels,explosions,deaths and revenge then you have an engaging read. Jake is an ex marine who along with his force dog Cody must get to the bottom or should i say top of the cartel in order to save lives. Unfortunately for the bad guys it becomes personal when not only Jakes life is targeted and a close friend is killed setting Jake on a path of revenge. It may not be the first book involving Jake but it can be read as a stand-alone. The characters are likeable,engaging and help make for a fun enjoyable read. A fast paced , explosive, seat of your pants kind of book that is engrossing and satisfying.

Thanks to Emma Welton for my copy of the book , as always they are my own thought and opinions on the book.


About Mark Nolan:

Mark Nolan has spent much of his life near the seashore. He loves dogs and has often been called a “dog whisperer.” These interests are reflected in his novels where the main character lives on a boat with his highly intelligent former war dog.



Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marknolan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkNolanAuthor/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14844422.Mark_Nolan



Purchase Links:

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/San-Diego-Dead-Action-Thriller-ebook/dp/B07TP7RSTX/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=san+diego+dead&qid=1580208958&sr=8-1

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/San-Diego-Dead-Action-Thriller-ebook/dp/B07TP7RSTX/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=san+diego+dead&qid=1580208980&sr=8-1


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A bloody turf war is erupting between the shellsuit gangsters and the Donaldsons, while the family outcasts look to take advantage of the disorder on the streets…


Who torched Dougie Donaldson’s taxi? 

Why are the bodies piling up in the high rises? 

Why is a scorned figure from the past poking his nose into everyone’s business?


As things escalate, Billy Wright is forced to question who is plotting against him as he is dragged even deeper into the world he is trying to escape. George Donaldson is sucked into a bitter feud with childhood pals that forces him to answer serious doubts around his loyalties and Sean Donaldson schemes to shift the balance of power in Muirhouse, hellbent on revenge against the uncle who has frozen him out of the family drug business.


Will Billy fulfil the promise he made to girlfriend Lyndsay and leave the life of crime behind as fatherhood approaches? Can George successfully defend his old man’s territory in the face of mounting adversity? Is there any line Sean won’t cross in his quest for supremacy?


A dark, gritty, explosive walk through the lives of people involved in the evil that drug dealings. Drugs are a huge part of some of the lives involved in the book either by choice or by association. When families fall apart over who runs what area and what they deal it becomes bloody. It seems though that there is a darker force pulling all the strings setting group against group and friend against friend. Intimidation,retribution,murder are all a regular occurrence in the area yet one man wants to leave it all behind. Billy wants a fresh start but the life he has been leading wont let him go. All his attempts are thwarted one way or another dragging him deeper into the mire of evil he’s trying to escape. The book gives you a realistic overview of life for people living on the knife edge of poverty and degradation. The book depicts a viscous cycle many live through day after day. It’s totally compelling , you are willing Billy on to succeed no matter what. With an explosive ending the book presents a fusion of darkness and evil without being too bleak and depressive.

My thanks to Emma Welton fro my copy of the book, as always they are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.


About Stephen Scarcliffe:

Growing up around the north of Edinburgh where the Chemical Estate book series is set lends first-hand experience and authenticity to both the story and its characters. 


Around 14 years ago, and 4 pints (or more) down, I bumped into a certain Irvine Welsh in a pub in Edinburgh city centre. After giving him a copy of a short story I had written, I received a really encouraging email that spurred me on to write a novel. The process was extended somewhat by spending 10 years as the singer-songwriter for Edinburgh Alt-rock band The Number 9s, before opting to turn my main focus to writing. Two books in now with number 3 in development I hope to continue for many years to come. 


You can keep up to date with details of new releases and plenty more by signing up for my mailing list at www.stephenscarcliffe.co.uk. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   



Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StephenScarc  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephen.scarcliffe/

Website: http://www.stephenscarcliffe.co.uk 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephenscarcliffe_writer


Purchase Links:

Amazon UK: 

Digital https://www.amazon.co.uk/Raging-Stephen-Scarcliffe-Chemical-Estate-ebook/dp/B081ZG3NQX/ref=sr_1_2?crid=MJZ1A4FSXQZV&keywords=raging+stephen+scarcliffe&qid=1580733343&sprefix=raging+ste%2Cdigital-text%2C145&sr=8-2

Paperback https://www.amazon.co.uk/Raging-Stephen-Scarcliffe-Chemical-Estate/dp/1711748803/ref=sr_1_3?crid=MJZ1A4FSXQZV&keywords=raging+stephen+scarcliffe&qid=1580733375&sprefix=raging+ste%2Cdigital-text%2C145&sr=8-3

Amazon US: 

Digital https://www.amazon.com/Raging-Stephen-Scarcliffe-Chemical-Estate-ebook/dp/B081ZG3NQX/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=raging+stephen+scarcliffe&qid=1580733406&sr=8-1

Paperback https://www.amazon.com/Raging-Stephen-Scarcliffe-Chemical-Estate/dp/1711748803/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=raging+stephen+scarcliffe&qid=1580733425&sr=8-2

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When a spate of deadly terrorist attacks hit the streets of London, Tom finds himself thrust into the middle of a fight for the survival of all he holds dear.

When the attackers hit closer to home than he could ever imagine, Tom is forced to make a choice between his duty or his conscience. In doing so, he enters a series of increasingly dangerous worlds, in the darkest corners of humanity.

Can Tom and his colleagues get to the bottom of a plot which threatens the very fabric of society?

Will they stop the terrorists before it’s too late?

When faced with the ultimate choice, which way will Tom go?

After all, as Cameron always says: “Always do right, boy…”

Going Rogue is the follow-up to the hugely successful thriller, Going Dark: the book that introduced Tom Novak as the hero who, in the words of best-selling author Tony Parsons, “makes Jason Bourne look like a vegan Pilates teacher”.

Get Going Rogue today, and start a rollercoaster ride of a thriller that you won’t ever want to put down.


A book that runs along at the pace of a rollercoaster, its fast,furious and totally engrossing so much so i finished it in a day. It’s a taunt,edgy nail biting race against the clock thriller. Can Tom get to the bottom of what happened that day when a bomb went off outside a mosque and a lone gunman went on the rampage. Dare he reveal his tenuous links to a victim or does he fight for justice. The acts of terror keep mounting and it takes all the intelligence that his team can muster to get to the reasons behind what is happening. The search for the truth takes him into Europe as he and his partner go rogue in order to get justice for those whose lives have been cut short. When all others fail to get justice its down to Tom and his brother in arms to deliver what other’s cannot. Whew , what a book if you love a great spy novel you will certainly not be disappointed when you pick this book up. It has everything great spy novel needs. Great plot line,believable characters,pace,thrills,spills and tension building that enraptured me. If you like Bond or Bourne than you will love Novak.

My thanks to Emma Welton for my copy of the book,as always these are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.


About Neil Lancaster:

Neil was born in Liverpool in the 1960s. He recently left the Metropolitan Police where he served for over twenty-five years, predominantly as a detective, leading and conducting investigations into some of the most serious criminals across the UK and beyond.

Neil acted as a surveillance and covert policing specialist, using all types of techniques to arrest and prosecute drug dealers, human traffickers, fraudsters, and murderers. During his career, he successfully prosecuted several wealthy and corrupt members of the legal profession who were involved in organised immigration crime. These prosecutions led to jail sentences, multi-million pound asset confiscations and disbarments.

Since retiring from the Metropolitan Police, Neil has relocated to the Scottish Highlands with his wife and son, where he mixes freelance investigations with writing.



Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/neillancaster66

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeilLancasterCrime/

Website: https://neillancastercrime.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neil_lancaster_crime/

Publisher’s Website: www.burningchairpublishing.com



Purchase Links:

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Going-Rogue-Tom-Novak-Thriller-ebook/dp/B07YVLMKR2/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=going+rogue&qid=1579695400&sr=8-1

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Going-Rogue-Tom-Novak-Thriller-ebook/dp/B07YVLMKR2/ref=sr_1_12?crid=2XHV8QVPQAZ6O&keywords=going+rogue&qid=1579695807&sprefix=going+rogue%2Caps%2C216&sr=8-12

Waterstones: https://www.waterstones.com/book/going-rogue/neil-lancaster/9781912946082

Foyles: https://www.foyles.co.uk/witem/fiction-poetry/going-rogue-a-tom-novak-thriller,neil-lancaster-9781912946082


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The last thing psychotherapist Harry Hope expects on his walk home one evening is to be knifed.

At first, he thinks it’s a random event. But as the police investigate further,seemingly unrelated attacks, Harry is shocked to discover that every victim is linked to him. And that his name is on a death list.

Who would want to kill Harry? Why?

Teaming up with his old friends DI Theo McCannon and DS Libby Harding, Harry is forced to delve into the dark and twisted world of a cold and calculating killer.

And as Harry fights his way closer to the truth, he realises time isn’t just running out for him, but for everyone around him…



How well do you know those around you ? The conundrum facing Harry after he is stabbed in what seems to be a random act of violence. When more random acts occurs the ties that bind them altogether point to them being connected in some way. It’s up to Harry and his police connections to work out exactly what is going on and who is behind it all. It seems he is the central hub that all the acts revolve around and those acts are getting more and more horrific and personal. A great mystery that draws you in and ramps up the tension page by page. Can Harry discover the truth in time , follow him along his journey to the end game. As the truth unravels you are presented with a perpetrator that i totally did not see coming. Fast paced the book delivers a chilling, twisted perpetrator who will stop at nothing to cover up the lies they have lived no matter how horrific the act. An edge of the seat thriller that delivers a satisfying, read in one sitting novel. It may be the second book to feature Harry Hope but it doesn’t matter you can enjoy it on its own. A flawed , enjoyable believable main character that forms the basis for a series of novels you can enjoy again and again.

Thanks to Heather at Bloodhound Books for my copy, as always they are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.


Winner of the CWA Debut Dagger for her first novel Blood Junction, CJ Carver has written a further ten critically acclaimed novels.  Spare Me The Truth, the first in the Dan Forrester series, was shortlisted for the Ngaio Marsh Award 2017.


Half-English, half-Kiwi, CJ lived in Australia for 10 years before taking up long-distance rallies, driving London to Saigon, London to Cape Town and covering 14,000 miles on the Inca Trail in South America.


CJ began her writing career by writing about her adventures, eventually becoming a travel writer for various national publications including The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, Autocar.  She is co-founder for the Women’s World Car of the Year Award


CJ has been a judge for the Thriller Awards in the USA.  Her books have been published in the UK, USA and translated into several languages.  She lives just outside Bath.

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Today on my blog i am pleased to bring you a book extract from the new novel by Shari Low. Thanks to Megan at Boldwood books for having me on board for this exciting new offering from Shari Low.

I just need to know…which one of you slept with my husband?”

You know that “till death do us part” bit in the wedding vows? Well, Zoe Danton believed it. One month after she said “I do”, the man she loved is gone, given his marching orders after Zoe discovered a devastating secret. 

As teenagers facing a crushing loss, Zoe made a pact with her three sisters to stick together no matter what. Now she’s discovered that one of them may have been the reason her husband betrayed her. She’s lost her happy-ever-after, but has she lost a sister too? 


But back to the point. Yvie and Marina are right. If I worked anywhere else – the Civil Service, Top Shop, NASA then none of this would have happened.

And to quote everyone in the entire history of the world who ever messed up, I just wish I could go back in time and change so many things.

In fact, right now I’d settle for just understanding what has happened to my life because there are still so many questions. So many uncertainties.

My phone buzzes and I stretch over a ceramic planter in the shape of a pair of wellies (from Auntie Geraldine – she has a picture of Alan Titchmarsh on her kitchen wall) to retrieve it from the table beside the sofa.

Marina’s heels click into the room and in my peripheral vision I can see that she slides elegantly into the armchair by the window, plate of sushi in hand.

The name at the top of the notification makes my anxiety soar. Roger Kemp. Sadly, no relation to anyone who was ever a member of Spandau Ballet. Or that slightly scary bloke who played Grant Mitchell in EastEnders and now makes documentaries about criminal gangs and serial killers.

With a shaking thumb, I swipe open the message.

Roger Kemp is a friend and client, the director of a hotel chain that employs our agency for all its marketing needs. After the proverbial hit the fan, I’d asked him for a favour. A slightly underhand, confidentiality-breaching, possibly borderline-illegal favour. With a bit of luck, the bloke that makes the documentaries about true crime wont find out about it.

I’d asked Roger to check on who paid for a room in one of his hotels last weekend, on the night that my husband broke his vows only thirty days after making them. You know, that fairly insignificant one about being faithful in good times and bad. You see, I know it wasn’t my husband because he’d put his credit cards in my handbag that evening, so it must have been someone else. The other woman.

The thought forces me to take another swig of the unidentifiable pink cocktail.

Anyway, the favour I’d requested of Roger would mean asking someone in his financial team to pull up the credit card records and sharing the sordid details with me.

Now I stare in disbelief at the answer, typed right there on the screen of my phone.

 Bio – Shari Low is the #1 bestselling author of over 20 novels, including One Day In Winter and With Or Without You and a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. She lives near Glasgow and her first title for Boldwood will be My One Month Marriage in January 2020.

Shari’s Twitter: @sharilow

Shari’s Facebook: sharilowbooks

Shari’s Instagram: sharilowbooks

Shari’s profile on our website: https://www.boldwoodbooks.com/contributor/shari-low/

Shari’s website: www.sharilow.com

Links for Shari’s Newsletter – http://bit.ly/ShariLowNewsletter

Amazon link to My One Month Marriage: https://amzn.to/2qbD0Vu

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Today on my blog i am happy to bring you the cover reveal and as an added bonus an extract for the new book from Nick Rippington called Rabbette Run. Striking and colourful just like the main character Emerson. Thanks to Sarah at BOTBS publicity for having me on board. First though here’s the book blurb ;


EMERSON RABETTE has a phobia about travelling on the underground, so when he is involved in a car accident his worst nightmare is about to come true.

A middle-aged graphic designer and father of one, Emerson’s entire future depends on him reaching an important business meeting. Without an alternative method of transport, he has to confront his biggest fear.

Things immediately go wrong when Emerson’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder kicks in and his fellow passengers become angry at the way he is acting. Thankfully a young woman called Winter comes to his rescue and agrees to help him reach his destination.

Once on the train, she thinks her job is done. What she isn’t prepared for is Emerson taking flight after reading a message scrawled on the train’s interior. 

It simply reads: ‘Run Rabette Run’.

(Rabette Run is Nick Rippington’s fourth book, a standalone psychological thriller. The author’s Boxer Boys trilogy is highly acclaimed and is now available in a digital boxset)

What the critics say about Nick Rippington

‘Addictive, funny, touching, brilliant stories’

‘’Characters that truly come alive on the page’

‘’Evocative, original, unfailingly precise and often humorous’


HE was sneaking a glance at his daughter in the rear-view mirror, listening to her talk about college and friends, when their blue family estate was broadsided by the Jeep. 

Time suspended before a tsunami of shattered glass crashed in and he lost control of the steering wheel. The airbag deployed and the seat belt cut painfully into his shoulder as it absorbed the strain of his 15-stone bulk before boomeranging him back into place. What was left of the windscreen retreated as his body reacted like the lash of a whip and, in his confusion, he experienced that eureka moment… Ahhh, whiplash!

As the car skidded across the road he was dazzled by a kaleidoscope of bright lights  neon advertising boards, shop windows and street lamps. When his eyes adjusted it was as if he was watching everything in slow motion: A couple he had noticed walking hand in hand moments earlier ran in different directions, while a newspaper seller deserted his pitch, money pouch flapping against his pounding legs. Further along, a dapper-looking bloke in tweeds seemed in two minds which way to flee before settling on the safety of the Underground steps. 

The visions tumbled from his mind as the car completed its 360-degree spin and he finally locked eyes on his assailant. Marooned in the stationary Jeep, the dark-haired woman stared through the windscreen vacantly, a thick stream of blood meandering down her face from a garish wound above her eyebrow. Devoid of expression, it seemed the shock had vacuumed all thought from her brain.

As soon as she appeared, she was gone, the car continuing to spin. Facing the pavement again, the drivers attention was captured by what he thought was a bundle of blankets and rags in a shop doorway. With alarm he noticed startled eyes staring out from a face swamped in facial hair. Get out of the fucking way! the driver mouthed as he realised one of Londons street dwellers was totally oblivious to the approaching danger. 

The car made jarring contact with the kerb and suddenly it was the driver who was spinning, like a sock in a washing machine. His head bumped against the ceiling, his left arm smashed against the twisted metal of the door and his right leg sent jolts of electrifying pain through his nervous system. 

Finally, the fairground ride from hell came to an abrupt halt, the car thudding against something hard. The heap of tangled metal that was once a solid and protective shell settled slowly back in an upright position, bouncing like one of those gangster rides with hydraulic suspension that featured in American movies. This wasnt America, though, this was twenty-first century Britain and he wasnt a teen gangster, just an ordinary Joe going about his boring, routine business. 

New sounds invaded the void left by the disintegrated windows: horns blowing, tyres screeching, glass crunching, people screaming. His ears slowly acclimatising to the noise, he then detected an unfamiliar ticking and saw steam pouring from the bent and buckled bonnet. Performing calculations in his head, he tried to work out how much this entire calamity might cost him. What would the insurance company say? Was there any possibility the vehicle wasnt a write-off and did his policy contain the use of a courtesy car? How the hell was he going to get to work? What the hell was he going to tell his wife?

Shit, his daughter!

You OK back there, honey?

There was a pause during which his heart skipped a beat.


Yeah, I think so. Ive a… pain in my tummy.

Superficial damage. Nothing serious.Thank God. Relief flooded through him.

You? she asked.

My legs killing me but otherwise…

His thoughts were interrupted by another sound. Looking to his left, he was surprised to see the passenger window still intact. Outside, a man in a navy-blue uniform and cap gesticulated wildly,but it was hard to make out what he was saying. The driver felt as if his head was submerged in that slime kids found all the rage.

Still, at least he was conscious enough to interpret the police officers manic, hand-waving gestures and detect the urgency in them. Shaking his head to free himself from the gloop, he felt needles of pain attack his nervous system as he shifted sideways, utilising every muscle necessary to reach out and press the button which released the window. 

The cars electrics made an uncomfortable, whirring sound as the glass slid down a few centimetres then stopped. Jammed. He continued pushing the button, but the internal workings were badly damaged. He watched as a gloved hand slipped through the gap at the top of the door and exerted pressure. There was another crunching noise and the window dropped to around halfway, the brute force almost certainly rendering the mechanism irreparable. Not thinking straight, his first reaction was one of anger and his mind made calculations about how much compensation he should claim once he was back on his feet. 

The police constable battled gamely to get his point across amid a deafening ensemble of alarm bells and sirens. We need to get you out of there, sir. No need to panic, but we have to make you safe before we can get the paramedics to check you over.

Sounds serious, Dad, said his girl.

Thanks, Sherlock, always the optimist.

What was that? The officers face seemed blurred as the driver tried to focus. 

Sorry, its my ears… he shouted, the frenzied effort to make himself heard betraying his underlying fear. I cant… Is the car going to explode?

Umm, I sincerely hope not, sir, but there is a lot of fuel around, the engines smoking… Its best to err on the side of caution. We need to get you a safe distance away in the unlikely event that things escalate. The fire brigade will be here in two ticks and theyll bring it under control in no time. Until then…

Not sure I can move to be honest, son. I think my legs trapped.

Ahhh. The policeman nodded. Can you have a look around  see what the problem is? You might be able to free it. On second thoughts, hold on, Ill come around to your side and see what I can do.

Appearing at the drivers window, he then brushed aside fragments of glass and leaned through, peering into the gloom of the footwell. O… K, he said slowly. He wasnt very good at disguising his feelings. It was serious. We have a bit of a problem. A lump of metal appears to have wedged itself in your leg. Im guessing it will take special tools to get you out of there.

Shit! The Jaws of Life. Only the other day he had been watching a TV programme about the fire service and the equipment they used to cut people free from road traffic accident wrecks. The jaws had saved many lives, but the name alone was enough to send a shudder rippling through his damaged body. The sirens in the distance were getting louder as they announced their urgency to the world. Blue spinning lights roamed the darkness of the cars interior, before a more permanent red glow encroached on the shadows. Was it getting hot? 

Ahhh said the officer.

There were snapping sounds followed by a crackle. Random memories of an old advert for cereal entered the drivers head: snap, crackle, pop. Twisting as best he could, the driver realised the noise was being created by flames eating into the cars paintwork. No! he muttered through clenched teeth. Damn, hed just forked out a small fortune on a touch-up job after some local punk had dug a thick groove right along the passengers side with a coin or a key. 

Uh oh! said his daughter, looking over her shoulder. Theyre going to get us out of here, arent they, Dad? Im scared.

Stay calm, he replied, wishing he could practice what he was preaching. Im sure it will be fine. The fire brigade is on their way and will be here shortly.

Ahh, theyre here, the policeman announced on cue, relief evident in his tone.

Moments later the driver heard a new voice, the accent pure Cockney. Stay calm, sir, and well have you out in no time.

The driver twisted in the direction of the person speaking and another wave of pain rolled through him. On the periphery of his vision he could make out a tall man with a pointed jaw in a fire brigade uniform. 

What seems to be the trouble, eh? Let the dog see the rabbit. The fireman leaned inside. Rrrright, he said before shouting some instructions to the rest of his crew.

Suddenly, the car was plunged into darkness. The driver guessed it was being buried in that foam the fire services used to bring a blaze under control. It felt strangely comforting to know they werent going to be burnt alive. Another sound, a screeching, grating noise soon invaded the cars interior, setting his teeth on edge. 

Cool! muttered his daughter as sparks sprayed through the roof. Moments later the metal was peeled back like the lid on a tin of tuna, bright lights invading the space, making them cry out and shield their eyes. 

Sorry, mate, its got to be done,advised the fire officer. Once were inside, we can hopefully remove the obstacle thats holding you in place and get you out of there. Second thoughts, the best thing we can do, looking at it now, would be to remove the door, together with your good self. It should be easier to cut you free elsewhere, rather than in the midst of this, um, chaos. When we get somewhere a bit less volatile the medical people can assess the problem and hopefully free your leg from the door.

As he said this, for the first time the driver realised that up until now the darkness of the footwell had prevented him taking a closer look at his injury. Shielding his eyes from the glare, he glanced downwards. A thick metal shard was protruding from his leg and a dark, sticky substance soaked his trousers. The limb looked like a theatrical prosthesis in a zombie apocalypse movie, the foot at a right angle to the rest of the limb.

He experienced an unfamiliar dizziness and passed out. 

GLOVED hands grasped the limp body and gently carried it to the stretcher. The patient felt a needle entering the soft tissue in his arm and after that remembered little, sliding into unconsciousness as he murmured her name. The paramedic whispered to one of the fireman.

What did he say? Sounded like a name? Jane, was it? I think he said something about a daughter. Was there anyone with him?

Nope, replied the fireman. He was all on his lonesome.

A colleague arrived at the paramedics shoulder. Right, best get him to intensive care, lickety spit, said the new arrival. I hate to be the prophet of doom, but it will be touch and go if he survives the night.



NICK RIPPINGTON is the award-winning author of the Boxer Boys series of gangland crime thrillers.

     Based in London, UK, Nick was the last-ever Welsh Sports Editor of the now defunct News of The World, writing his debut release Crossing The Whitewash after being made redundant with just two days notice after Rupert Murdoch closed down Europe’s biggest-selling tabloid in 2011.
    On holiday at the time, Nick was never allowed back in the building, investigators sealing off the area with crime scene tape and seizing his computer as they investigated the phone-hacking scandal, something which took place a decade before Nick joined the paper. His greatest fear, however, was that cops would uncover the secrets to his Fantasy Football selections.
    Handed the contents of his desk in a black bin bag in a murky car park, deep throat style, Nick was at a crossroads – married just two years earlier and with a wife and 9-month-old baby to support.
    With self-publishing booming, he hit on an idea for a UK gangland thriller taking place against the backdrop of the Rugby World Cup and in 2015 produced Crossing The Whitewash, which received an honourable mention in the genre category of the Writers’ Digest self-published eBook awards. Judges described it as “evocative, unique, unfailingly precise and often humorous”.
    Follow-up novel Spark Out, a prequel set at the time of Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands War, received a Chill With A Book reader award and an IndieBRAG medallion from the prestigious website dedicated to Independent publishers and writers throughout the world. The novel was also awarded best cover of 2017 with Chill With A Book.
      The third book in the Boxer Boys series Dying Seconds, a sequel to Crossing The Whitewash, was released in December 2018 and went to the top of the Amazon Contemporary Urban Fiction free charts during a giveaway period of five days. A digital box set, the Boxer Boys Collection, came out in September last year.

       Now Nick, 60, is switching direction feeling that, for the moment, the Boxer Boys series has run its course. His latest novel, Rabette Run, will be released in the Spring and Nick says, ‘It is a gritty psychological thriller with twists and turns galore. Think Alice in Wonderland with tanks and guns.’
    Married to Liz, When Nick isn’t writing he works as a back bench designer of sports pages on the Daily Star. He has two children – Jemma, 37, and Olivia, 9. 


Website: www.theripperfile.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/buckrippers

Twitter: @nickripp

Instagram: @nickrippingtonauthor

Where to find Nick’s books…

Amazon Author Page in the UK: 


Amazon Author Page in the US:



For Crossing The Whitewash:“Evocative, original, unfailingly precise and often humorous” – Writers Digest eBook judges


For Spark Out: “Down and Dirty, visceral, occasionally violent but engaging and strangely compelling. The writer has a great street voice” – IndieBRAG judges


UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B084D3TT36

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For his entire life, Charley Sutherland has concealed a magical ability he can’t quite control: He can bring characters from books into the real world. 
But when literary characters start causing trouble throughout the city and threatening to destroying the world, he learns he’s not the only one with his ability. Now it’s up to Charley and his reluctant older brother, Rob, to stop them–hopefully before reach The End.


What if you could meet your favourite fictional character, have coffee with Reacher, afternoon tea with Miss Marple and drink wine with Hannibal Lector . In this story a summoner can do just that , sometimes by accident and sometimes by choice. Unfortunately for him and his brother who get caught up in the plot there is a summoner out there who is mischievous and not very nice. He is bringing characters out of books to do nefarious deeds for him. Will the world of the fictional characters survive or will everyone be read back into the books ? A fun magical romp through the land of fictional characters. As the brothers struggle with their relationship they muddle together to help solve the issue of the summoner. Years of believing he is the only one poor Charley now has to come to terms he’s not alone in the universe whilst trying to protect the characters that have left the books. Whimsical, fun,energetic its a great read that gambles along at a quick clip. Fans of Victoriana and of classical novels may enjoy the interpretations of various characters the author has brought to life. Everyone interprets the books that they read in different ways and this just gives us another way of looking at them. Fabulously, richly entertaining all in all a good read.

My thanks to Tracy Fenton for my copy of the book, as always they are my own thoughts and opinions on the book.



H. G. Parry lives in a book-infested flat in Wellington, New Zealand, which she shares with her sister and two overactive rabbits. She holds a PhD in English literature from Victoria University of Wellington, and teaches English, film and media studies. Her short fiction has appeared in InterGalactic Medicine Show, Daily Science Fiction and small press anthologies. The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep is her debut novel.